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Create a genuinely interactive publication using your printable PDF files

Discover the best means of sharing your documents on tablets and smartphones (iOS and Android) as well as on your website. Your magazines, catalogues and any other printed matter become interactive thanks to numerous content enhancement possibilities which you can add on using our editor.

Autonomous management

Administration of your titles is simple and intuitive with our MiPadE solution. It is easily accessible by means of an Internet browser with no need to install any software. Hosted on a secure server, the web-based interface enables you to connect whenever you want in order to manage the distribution of your publications and to activate the functions you want.

Automatic update

You no longer need to remember to update your applications because the update is included in our licences. Be it for a change of operating system or technological improvements to mobile media, we take the necessary steps to enhance and update the applications created for you.

Numerous tools

  • A global search of all your documents, also available offline.
  • Bookmarks enabling your readers to mark their page and find it again quickly.
  • A multilingual interface (FR, DE, EN, IT, RU, CN).
  • The possibility of adding a promotional screen or video at the start of the application (sponsoring).
  • Streamlined navigation in portrait and landscape mode.
  • Push notification sent on request.
  • Articles shared by mail, Twitter, Facebook and printed matter.
  • Archiving of your publications.
  • The possibility of grouping your magazines into several kiosks.

Manage and organise your documents

Eliminate cumbersome printed matter and organise all your documentation in a simple and eco-friendly manner in a single application so that it is accessible to all your partners and employees.

Contributors’ rights

You have the possibility of creating accounts for your employees so that they can add documents to the kiosks to which you have granted them access.

User rights

You can create users who will each have reading rights for certain protected kiosks in addition to shared kiosks. You can also create user groups to give each member identical access rights.

The advantages of the MiPadE pro

  • Possibility of inserting files other than PDFs, such as videos.
  • Create an infinite number of tags in order to organise your files.
  • All your employees will have the very latest version of the updated documents.
  • Management of access rights.
  • Publication on Apple Store, Google Play or in-house (vertical).

Manage your daily papers page by page

This tool can be incorporated into your production flow and enables you to manage the publication and enhancement of your documents and daily papers page by page through numerous independent contributors.

Creation page by page

Simply import a PDF page and gradually enhance it. You can also change the page order. Once your document is ready, you can merge the pages in a single click and obtain a single enriched PDF which will automatically be added to your MiPadE kiosk.

Contributor management

You can create an unlimited number of accounts for your employees so that each one can add and edit the pages of your documents.

Enhance your documents with our editor

This enhancement enables you to give your publications an additional dimension and to create interactions with your readers. You do not need any additional software: thanks to our simple and intuitive online interface, you can add enhancements and view them directly.

The annotations available

  • Videos saved on YouTube or on a third-party server.
  • Photo galleries.
  • SlideUps, semi-hidden images in a corner of the page that the reader can pull to display.
  • Audio files
  • Internal or external links to the documents

Add an additional layer to your MiPadE

Keep your customers informed in one single place thanks to this additional layer which you can customise in order to display your living content such as:

  • Articles to be highlighted by means of a direct link to your document;
  • A news flow from your website (RSS);
  • Your social networks, for example a YouTube chain.

Different possibilities can be envisaged; for more details, please contact us.

Comparison Chart

Viewer HTML5 ? Optional
Wall ? Optional Optional
Editor ?
Fusion ?
Multi-kiosk Optional
Multi-formats ?
In-App purchase ? Optional Optional
Archives Optional
User rights
Optimizing your PDFs ? Optional Optional
Website ? Optional Optional



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